Data Recovery

Our data recovery services come with our BounceBack guarantee:  If we don’t recover it, you don’t pay.  Our quotes are firm and all-inclusive.  Your recovery job will never cost any more than the quoted price.  Our data recovery experts work in a Class 100 ISO 14644-1 Certified cleanroom to ensure no further damage comes to your valuable files.  We are approved by all major computer and hard drive manufacturers to service your drives.  This means that we are able to open your devices without voiding the warranty.

At BounceBack, we utilize a four-step process system to make your data recovery experience fast and convenient:

  • The first step is to ship your failed device.  Be sure to package your device very well.  Some people feel it’s not necessary to package an already broken device thoroughly.  Don’t be “that guy” who delivers a drive to us in a paper envelope with no padding!
  • Secondly, we offer a free evaluation of your media and provide you with a firm quote and contract.
  • The third step is to recover your data in a safe and certified clean room using highly trained technicians all while keeping you updated as the case progresses.
  • The fourth and final step is the shipping of your recovered data back to you on the media of your choice.

BounceBack Data Recovery offers data recovery services on almost any electronic storage medium:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery:  We perform data recovery on all makes and models of desktop and laptop computers.  Our technicians also have extensive experience with solid state drives.
  • Server and RAID Data Recovery:  RAID or SAN/NAS data recovery can be a complex and delicate process.  BounceBack possesses the tools and expertise to tackle your server issues.  We also work on Apple Xserve and Mac Pro Server systems.
  • Recovery by File Type:  Different file types can present their own complexities in the data recovery process independent of any issues with the storage media.  Our technicians have years of experience recovering PST/e-mail files, databases, digital photo files and assorted operating systems.
  • Other Services:  BounceBack Data Recovery can also evaluate and retrieve data from your Iphone, mobile device, or your flash media device.

Contact us today or use our online case setup form to arrange a free evaluation.