Virtualization Recovery

Vitrtualization has allowed organizations to increase productivity for computer hardware and consolidate operating systems.  This translates into substantial savings and  significant boosts in efficiency.  With these benefits, however, comes multiple layers of complexity when faced with virtualization data loss.  BounceBack’s data recovery experts have experience working with all types of virtual servers including:

  • VMWare Server
  • VMWare ESX
  • Microsoft ® Hyper-V
  • and many more.

We also recover data from:

  • Virtual workstations
  • Virtual infrastructures
  • Virtual file systems

We appreciate the sensitive nature of data stored on virtual servers.  BounceBack can guarantee total security when it comes to your private files.  BounceBack has a Cisco Self-Defending Network and any clones made in the recovery process are destroyed upon completion of the job.  We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements upon request when working on any data recovery job.

Our remote data recovery service can save your organization time and hassle in the event of virtual server data loss.  If it’s not possible to address the problem remotely, our technician may be able to deal with the problem on-site.  We understand that virtual server downtime translates to loss of productivity and revenue for your company.  Our experts always make virtualization recovery top priority and will work to get you back up and running as soon as possible.  Our methods are non-destructive and secure.

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