Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery has high success rates because many newer laptop HDDs are designed to be resistant to physical damage.  Many have a special construction which absorbs shock and some laptops are shock-mounted for additional protection.

Even with this extra protection, laptop hard drives fail.  Due to their small size and highly specialized nature, specific tools and knowledge are essential when attempting laptop data recovery. BounceBack has state of the art technology and tools to help retrieve lost or damaged data from any laptop or notebook.

Some common causes of laptop data loss are:

  • Impact or vibration damage
  • Viruses
  • Corrupted Data
  • Hard Drive Crashes
  • Water Damage

At BounceBack we have years of combined experience servicing all brands of laptops.  Some of the major brands we service are:  Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Gateway, Toshiba, and many more.  We also service all drive brands

For many users, the laptop has replaced the desktop as the primary personal computer.  At BounceBack, we know that files damaged or lost from a laptop are just as important as data lost from other media sources.  We have the experience to tackle the unique drive and physical system issues that laptops present.

Here are few tips for improving the chances of a successful laptop data recovery:

  • Never operate a drive after it has shown the signs of physical failure.  Common failure symptoms include excessive noise (especially a clinking or knocking sound), extremely slow file access, or failure to power on.
  • If the laptop is still running when a physical failure occurs, turn it off immediately. The least expensive and most successful recoveries are usually cases in which a hard drive was immediately turned off.
  • Package your hard drive correctly before sending it in for an evaluation. We recommend an approved laptop hard drive shipping container or four inches of foam/bubble wrap.
  • Take care to observe proper static shock precautions when handling a laptop hard drive. Stay grounded. Consult your laptop’s documentation for more information.