Server & RAID Data Recovery

BounceBack Data Recovery has a proven track record saving businesses from potential failure due to server crashes and data loss.  Losing large amounts of data and extended downtime can be catastrophic for organizations and businesses.  Our technicians have extensive experience working with RAID servers, file servers, applications servers, SAN/NAS systems, Apple XServe, Mac Pro Server systems and many others server systems.  We understand that data loss and downtime translates to loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction for your organization, which is why we make server recovery a top priority at BounceBack.

RAID Recovery

RAID recovery can be a complex and delicate process.  There are multiple different levels of RAID setups and it is important to place your trust in a data recovery company who has the expertise and experience in working with all of those levels.  Each case needs to be carefully evaluated and the RAID itself needs to be reconstructed on a bit level.  The technicians at BounceBack Data Recovery have the necessary know-how and tools to tackle the toughest RAID recovery jobs.

SAN/NAS Recovery

At BounceBack, we understand that downtime for your SAN or NAS means downtime for your company.  We make every SAN/NAS recovery job a top priority so your network can get up and running as soon as possible.  In many cases, BounceBack is able to remotely access the network and recover your data.  Our engineers specialize in SAN/NAS data loss and are experienced in countless data loss scenarios and are trained to recover encrypted data.

Apple XServe/Mac Pro Server Recovery

Apple XServe and Mac Pro Server present data recovery concerns that can often be more complex than those exhibited by simpler machines.  Most commercial RAID recovery software isn’t designed for use on the HFS+ machines.  At BounceBack Data Recovery, we have developed proprietary in-house tools designed specifically for use with XServe technology.  These tools, combined with years of experience working with these servers give us one of the highest success rates in the industry working with Apple XServe and Mac Pro Servers.