Encrypted File and Encrypted Hard Drive Data Recovery

It has become a modern business practice for companies to encrypt their valuable and sensitive data for reasons of security and privacy.

Encryption, however, makes the already complex process of data recovery even more so.  Fortunately, BounceBack has the professionals and expertise required to tackle the tough job of recovering encrypted data.

BounceBack Data Recovery’s engineers have years of experience in retrieving file-level and disk-level encrypted data.  We create sector-by-sector images of your drive during the data recovery process to ensure that your data is not compromised.  This image can then be transferred to a separate drive and returned to you with the original encryption.  In this fashion, we can recover your data for you without you having to release your encryption key to an outside entity should you choose not to do so.  For more information on data recovery methods for encrypted hard drives, you can refer to our page on “AES Encrypted Recovery“.

We adhere to the maximum protocols to meet the most rigorous security requirements when working on your encrypted data.  BounceBack has a Cisco Self-Defending Network and any clones made in the recovery process are destroyed upon completion of the job.  We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements upon request when working on any data recovery job.

Enhanced Security Data Recovery is also available upon request.