Enhanced Security Data Recovery

Data security is the topmost concern for customers when it comes time to choose a data recovery company.  Security of your sensitive and valuable data is our highest priority at BounceBack Data Recovery.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

At your request, we will happily sign a binding non-disclosure agreement.  With or without a non-disclosure agreement, your data is handled with the utmost care from the beginning of the process to the end.

Chain of Custody Protocol

Our engineers follow a chain of custody protocol similar to those implemented by law enforcement organizations.  Your data is accounted for from the beginning of the process until recovery is complete.

Fire-Proof Safe

With the enhanced security procedure, all of your valuable media is stored in a fireproof safe when not being worked on and during closing hours.  This ensures your data is protected from theft, flood, fire, and physical damage.

Top-Priority Case Status

All enhanced security data recovery jobs are given top priority status throughout the recovery process.  You will also be updated on the status of your recovery at every step.

If your data is encrypted, we can create sector-by-sector images of your drive and transfer those images to a separate drive with the original encryption intact.  This way, your data can be recovered in a safe and secure fashion without the encryption key having to be given to an outside entity.  If you choose to release your key, data can be decrypted on site to ensure its integrity.  We adhere to the maximum protocols to meet the most rigorous security requirements when working on your encrypted data.  BounceBack has a Cisco Self-Defending Network.  Upon completion of your recovery job, all clones of your drives are destroyed.  No copy of your data will be kept on any medium by BounceBack Data Recovery.