eDiscovery Services

Electronic evidence is an increasingly prevalent part of modern litigation.  Often this evidence appears to be lost forever, but is actually waiting to be found.

Electronically stored information (ESI) can reveal clues or information that can be of vital importance to the outcome of legal proceedings or investigations.  BounceBack Data Recovery works with all ESI platforms, including:

  • Computers
  • USB Flash Drives
  • PDA’s
  • Digital Cameras
  • and many more…

We utilize ISO 9001:2008 practices to process your data and maintain its integrity.  Our Class 100 cleanroom has also earned ISO 14644-1 certification.  We can uncover the digital evidence to reveal what has actually occurred with data on a storage medium.  We can detect erasure, modification, and uninstallation of files and create a timeline of digital events that are key to your investigation or litigation.

As with all of our data recovery work, you are guaranteed that files recovered during eDiscovery processes are handled with the utmost security.  BounceBack has a Cisco Self-Defending Network and any clones made in the recovery process are destroyed upon completion of the task.  We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements upon request when working on any data recovery job.