Database Recovery

The experts at BounceBack Data Recovery have years of experience recovering lost or damaged files from databases.

A database is simply a system intended to organize, store, and retrieve vast amounts of data easily.  Anybody who works with databases or has experienced database damage or corruption can imagine how troubling it can be when you can longer access your valuable data.

BounceBack’s team of trained specialists offers database recovery on many different database server platforms, including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server ® Database
  • Microsoft Exchange Server ® Database
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint ® Database
  • Oracle Database
  • And many more

In many instances, BounceBack will be able to address your database issues remotely, saving your company from prolonged downtime.  If it’s not possible to address the problem remotely, our technician may be able to deal with the problem on-site.  We understand that database downtime translates to loss of productivity and revenue for your company.  Our experts always make database recovery top priority and will work to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

We also understand the sensitive nature of data stored on servers.  BounceBack can guarantee total security when it comes to your private files.  BounceBack has a Cisco Self-Defending Network  and any clones made in the recovery process are destroyed upon completion of the job.  Non-disclosure agreements are also available upon request.