Case Studies

Case Study 1:  Floyd’s Tire and Auto

Occasionally at BounceBack we encounter local businesses we recover data for that we feel compelled to feature due to outstanding principles that we seek to emulate.  Floyd’s Tire and Auto in Saint Louis fits that bill.  After successfully recovering some data from a damaged hard drive for Floyd’s we heard about an associate of ours who needed some repairs for her vehicle.  After shopping around, Floyd’s Tire and Auto quoted her a price that was nearly half that of what the other shops had quoted her.  Since then we’ve heard from others, including our own employees, who’ve had their vehicles serviced at Floyd’s and they all gave rave reviews:  good price, fast service, and a willingness to work with the customer’s schedule.  We talked to the folks at Floyd’s and learned that they don’t put any resources into advertising.  They rely on word of mouth.  Considering that, and after receiving such excellent service, we felt it was our obligation to give a shout out to Floyd’s…not just as a favor to them but as a service to our customers as well.

Case Study 2:  Debi Sparks

Debi Sparks:  Debi Sparks and her husband lost critical data that their company needed to survive.  Not only did BounceBack recover their data in full, but we only charged Debi $150 since the recovery job was simple in nature.

Case Study 3:  Robyn McGrade

Robyn McGrade:  Robyn McGrade, President of Phi Theta Kappa at Meramec College in Saint Louis, Missouri lost a 15-page paper with only three days left in the school semester.  BounceBack recovered her data before the semester was over.