ISO 9001 Certification

When customers trust a company to do a job properly, ISO Certification is the definitive basis for that trust.  ISO 9001:2008 standards are a quality management system designed to help organizations meet customer needs.

This means that BounceBack Data Recovery must adhere to strict guidelines and procedures from the beginning of the data recovery process to the end.  Adherence to these guidelines is verified by an outside auditor.

An organization that applies for ISO Certification is assessed based on extensive sampling of its functions, services, products, and processes…in our case, the complex process of data recovery and outstanding service to our customers.  If any problems exist, they must be addressed before certification is granted.  Once certification is granted, the high standards prescribed by ISO Certification must be maintained.

Every procedure, every customer interaction, every step of the process has well-defined guidelines that must be met every time.  This ensures that none of our customers or our jobs slips through the cracks or receives substandard service.  We do it right every time, and if a non-compliance issue arises it is addressed and remedied immediately.