Mobile Device Recovery

Over the years, data storage has become more mobile and practical.  With the advent of the ability to carry data with you wherever you go, there came greater and more various ways to lose data.  At BounceBack Data Recovery, we have the knowledge and tools to recover data from many different types of mobile storage media.  We have worked with cell phones from dozens of different manufacturers to develop a comprehensive base of data recovery techniques for both newer and older cell phones. We’ve recovered files stored on smart phones, text messages from older Nokia devices and pictures & video from all types of Android phones.

Mobile device data recovery can be complicated because these devices use a variety of operating systems and file types.  Each case needs to be approached individually for a full, safe data recovery. This is especially true when text messages or other phone data needs to be recovered…reliable data recovery experts with experience in computer forensics are absolutely essential.

Our comprehensive experience allows for a safe and reliable approach to each case. Whether you’re trying to recover deleted text messages or corrupted pictures from a phone or songs from an MP3 player or iPod, we can find your data and copy it to another storage medium in a matter of days.

We can service your:

  • Ipod
  • MP3 player
  • Smart phone
  • Ipad
  • and many more

We can often service these devices in a matter of minutes.  No matter the cause of damage, BounceBack has a high rate of success with mobile devices.  We can recover data loss caused by:

  • Drop or vibration damage
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Accidental erasure
  • Virus or file corruption
  • Overheating

The portability of these devices makes them particularly susceptible to data loss.  At BounceBack, we know that files stored on mobile devices can be just as important to the customer as any file stored on a PC or company database, and we work just a hard to salvage them.