Medical Data Recovery

When seeking out medical data recovery services, customers usually have two basic but essential concerns.  First, they want to know if a data recovery company has the expertise and capabilities to recover patient, billing, and scanned image records from their damaged or corrupted media.  Secondly, but just as important, our customers in the medical community need to be assured that we utilize and adhere to strict security measures to protect the privacy of their patients and their business.

At BounceBack Data Recovery, we can guarantee that if your data is recoverable we will find it.  Our data recovery techniques and practices are safe and secure.  We can operate as your HIPAA compliant partner by maintaining “business associate” status as outlined in HHS guidelines.  We will happily sign any business associate contract that you provide and also a non-disclosure agreement at your request.

We are protected by a Cisco Self-Defending Network around the clock.  We offer enhanced security data recovery services which include a chain of custody protocol, fireproof safe storage and a non-disclosure agreement. Encrypted data recovery services are also available for customers who are prevented from releasing their encryption key.  Any clones made during the recovery process are destroyed upon completion of the job.

There are roughly 600,000 establishments in the healthcare industry.  Each of these organizations is responsible for storing patient and employee records, billing records and scanned radiology images.  As hard copy storage methods give way to systems of electronic storage, the need for competent data recovery services has grown as well.  At BounceBack Data Recovery we can help you recover your lost medical data and even help you to meet your recovery point objectives and time point objective in the event of catastrophic data loss.

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