Digital Forensics

Often in the course of investigation or litigation it is important for lawyers and law enforcement to access electronic evidence.  This electronically stored information (EMI) must be obtained and organized in a fashion that is in compliance with legal standards in order to be properly utilized.  Often times, EMI has been intentionally deleted or modified.  BounceBack Data Recovery is able to access these lost files in many cases and restore them to their original form.  We possess the tools and industry certifications to guarantee that data recovered for forensic purposes can be exploited to its fullest by our customers.

eDiscovery Services

Electronic discovery has evolved from a tool employed in only the largest, most document-intensive cases into a mainstream practice that plays a role in many cases.  Electronically stored information (ESI) can reveal clues or information that can be of vital importance to the outcome of legal proceedings or investigations.  BounceBack Data Recovery works with all ESI platforms.

ESI Forensics

As more organizations implement document management technologies, the need for electronically stored information (ESI) forensics has intensified. Computer forensics has been used in a number of high profile cases and is becoming widely accepted as reliable within US court systems.  At BounceBack Data Recovery we have the expertise and certifications to provide the highest security environment for data forensic work.