How to Restore My Recovered Data

The methods used to restore your recovered data can vary considerably depending on the type of recovery you had performed and the type of data you are restoring.  You may contact our support department for help at any time, but we’ll list here some general guidelines for you to follow.

Restoring data from CD or DVD:  If your recovered data has been delivered to you on CD or DVD you will need to copy the recovered data from the CD or DVD before you can modify or edit the data.  For example, you will not be able to modify a word document and save it back to the CD or DVD.

Restoring a large amount of data:  If you need to restore or copy a large amount of data, it is advisable that you use xxcopy to copy your data.  If you copy a large amount of data using cut and paste in windows, if there is any error in the copying process, it will abruptly stop and you will not know what has or has not been copied.  Xxcopy will keep track of what has been copied, and provide a list of any files that produced errors in the copying process.  This free utility can be found at  We’ve created a page with some simple  instructions on how to use xxcopy here: