Your Data is Recovered

Once you have agreed to our firm and all-inclusive quote, the data recovery process begins.  Our highly-skilled technicians will work on your drive or other media in our Class 100 cleanroom.  We will keep you updated on the recovery process every step of the way.

Customer Case Accounts

All customers will also have access to their account in our BounceBack database for convenient tracking of their case any time of the day.  When you set up a case you will be provided with login info and a password.  You will be able to track your case through every step of the process from shipping to our facilities to successful recovery.  Our technicians and customer service professionals will update the status of your case at every benchmark and with every new development.  At BounceBack, we understand how important your data is to you and that many customers are unfamiliar with data recovery.  Hopefully by including you, the customer, in the process we can provide you with some peace of mind along the way.

Job Time and Customer Service Standards

When the data recovery process begins, you will be provided with a job time estimate.  Recovery time is contingent on many factors and more than one recovery method may be utilized.  We will always strive to meet our estimated job time.  At BounceBack, we adhere to ISO 9001:2008 certification standards.  This ensures that we strictly adhere to certain guidelines and practices for every case every time.  Stringent standards and a streamlined process  guarantee that none of our customers or our jobs slips through the cracks or receives substandard service.

Successful Recovery

We will inform you if we were successful in recovery and tell you what files we were able to recover.  Upon receipt of payment, we will transfer the files to a medium of your choice.  Your choice of storage media is discussed during the evaluation process and the cost of the media is included in the quote.  Any clones made of your drives are destroyed upon completion of the job.  Your original damaged media will be returned to you at your request.  Or if you choose, it too will be destroyed upon completion of the job.

After successful recovery and transfer comes the final step:  Free Return Shipping