Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery is an involved process which requires attention to detail, years of training and dozens of specialized tools.  Whether data is lost due to physical damage, accidental deletion or file corruption, experienced engineers must approach each case differently to ensure the best possible chances of a successful data recovery.

At BounceBack Data Recovery, we use the latest technology and techniques developed from 15 years of hands-on data recovery experience to ensure a high recovery rate at a low cost.  Our process is simple and convenient for our customers.  We evaluate each case to determine the chances of recovery and possible costs.  Once the cost of recovery is approved, we repair any damaged components of a hard drive with specialized tools, including an ISO certified clean room.  All recovery attempts are nondestructive.

When a hard drive is accessible, it is cloned and accessed with specialized data recovery computers.  Our engineers work through damaged sectors and repair damaged files, then transfer data to another hard drive.  Data is then carefully checked before being sent back to our clients.

Our hard drive data recovery services include:

– A free estimate before recovery attempts take place.
– A safe data guarantee–if the requested data can’t be recovered, there’s no charge*
– Free over-the-phone consultations and advice
– Several service levels for faster or more affordable recoveries

We know that your data is extremely important.  By using the best technology and highly trained engineers, Bounceback Data Recovery offers worry-free hard drive data recovery at an affordable price.  Contact us today for more information or click below for more information on our individual hard drive data recovery services.

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