Four Step Process Page

1. Shipping:

BounceBack offers two different recovery methods, standard and emergency.

Once you have contacted us and set up a case, you can take advantage of our free shipping methods (If you haven’t done this already, then please click here to start your recovery case) if your case is an emergency case. An emergency recovery will receive free shipment through UPS, if you are interested in starting a recovery under emergency status ask about the free shipping option.

2. Free evaluation

Every Customer receives a free evaluation once we receive your package.  The free evaluation is performed within 24 hours of receipt of your package or within 3 hours of receipt of an emergency case.  After this free evaluation we will provide you with a firm price quote to recover your data.  You can either choose to agree to this quote and proceed or to have your media shipped back to you.  If you agree to the recovery, there will be no charge if we do not recover the critical data you specify when you set up your case.

3. We recover your data

Once you have agreed to the quote, we will begin the recovery process.  During the recovery process we will keep you updated on the status of your recovery as we make progress.  Recovery time is contingent on many factors and more than one recovery method may be utilized.  We will always strive to meet our estimated job time.  We will inform you if we were successful in recovery and tell you what files we were able to recover.  We will transfer the files to a medium of your choice pending your approval.  Your approval gives us certification that the job is complete.

4.  We deliver your data.

Once we have received payment in full for your recovery, we will deliver your data to you through free standard ground shipping for standard recoveries, and free overnight shipping for emergency recoveries.  Different shipment methods are available upon request, as is the electronic delivery of your recovered data.