Cell Phone Data Recovery

BounceBack Data Recovery has the expertise and dedicated equipment to recover lost or corrupted data from most cell phones on the market today.  We service all manufacturers, programming languages and operating systems.  Perhaps nothing in the field of data storage is as varied and changing as cell phone technology.  BounceBack has years of experience servicing these devices and our technicians undergo ongoing training to stay at the front of the cell phone data recovery industry.

We can recover most any type of data from a damaged or corrupted cell phone such as:

  • Deleted text messages
  • Call history
  • Photos and videos
  • Music
  • Other stored files

Each cell phone case is unique and  must be approached accordingly.  What works with a flip phone probably won’t work with a smart phone and vice versa.  Apple iOS will require and different approach than an Android OS.  While we have developed some standard approaches and proven techniques over the years, we are proud to say that we carefully evaluate and assess each cell phone data recovery case before proceeding.  Potentially recoverable data can be lost using cookie-cutter techniques.

Because of their portability, damage or loss of cell phone data is a common occurrence.  They are highly susceptible to water or impact damage.  With rapidly evolving technology cell phone users are also increasingly susceptible to data corruption, viruses, and accidental deletion.  At BounceBack Data Recovery we can help with any of these scenarios.

For ease of use and expansion capabilities, cell phone users often  turn to removable memory storage devices to store their data.  When it comes to cell phone data recovery, a company also needs to be able to access all types of memory cards.  We can service:

  • SD card
  • Mini SD card
  • MMC
  • SM card
  • Memory stick

If you are in need of cell phone data recovery, please call or set up a case online today.



700-1200 dollars, call for quote.

Recovery from cell phones can be just as tedious and time consuming as hard drive recovery.  For this reason data recovery service on a cell phone is priced in the same range, even though cell phone data is usually not as valuable to individuals as, say for instance, losing their entire business from a hard drive failure.  For these reasons, only the most critical data merits the cost of the recovery for individuals.  It’s also important to note that it is no less time consuming for us to recover only part of the data that has been lost on a cell phone.  The same work is required in most cases to retrieve all or part of the data from a phone.



Just like the process for a standard data recovery case, the process for cell phones is simple with no commitment to pay if the data is not recoverable.  We offer a free evaluation where we provide you with a firm quote that you can choose to proceed with or have the phone shipped back to you.


Time Frame

The time to recover data from a cell phone can be relatively quick (within a day or two), or in some cases can take a month or more.  Be prepared to wait, and have a replacement cell phone you can use in the meantime.


Important Factors

There are a couple important factors when you’ve lost data on a cell phone.  First and foremost do not use the phone.  The longer you use the phone, (especially for things that write large amounts of data such as recording videos, taking pictures, or using the internet) the more your lost data will be overwritten, making it unrecoverable.  Secondly when you ship the phone you must package it well, without at least half an inch of bubble wrap covering the entire phone – including the ends of the phone.  You don’t want a shipping company to create a repair job on top of a data recovery job.


If you have any further questions, feel free to call the toll free number at the top of the page.