Free Shipping

At BounceBack Data Recovery we have a “no recovery, no pay” guarantee.  If you your data is unrecoverable, you don’t pay…period.  Offering free emergency status shipping of your data to and from our facilities helps us to keep that promise.  We even offer free return shipping of your damaged media if you opt not to begin the data recovery process after our initial evaluation.

Once you have contacted us and set up a case, you can take advantage of our free shipping methods (If you haven’t done this already, then please click here to start your recovery case). An emergency recovery will receive free shipment through UPS.  BounceBack offers two different ways to receive free shipping for your case.  You can either receive an email with a prepaid shipping label, or you can go to a UPS store where they will package and ship your device and bill everything to BounceBack.  Follow the link for more details about how to take advantage of these two free shipping methods and to learn about safely shipping a hard drive.


Now that you’ve seen how hassle-free we’ve made shipping your data, let’s move on to the next step…Free Evaluation