Recovery By File Type

Different file types can present their own complexities in the data recovery process independent of any issues with the storage media.  Often, files can be corrupted, deleted, or fall victim to some other kind of logical failure with no physical problems being exhibited by the storage medium.  These scenarios can sometimes be simple to fix and other times can be quite challenging.  Dealing with with file type recovery requires the right tools and expertise.  At BounceBack Data Recovery, we possess the proprietary tools and software and years of experience needed to recovery your lost files.

PST/ E-Mail Recovery

We offer data recovery services for any e-mail system.  Whether your e-mails are lost, deleted, or damaged our engineers will work to recover your important correspondences.  At BounceBack Data Recovery we’ve worked with every type of e-mail archive and have perfected fast, safe techniques.  Each hard drive is copied before data recovery attempts take place and we design a plan for each recovery to maximize the chances of success.  We appreciate that your personal or company e-mails are important to you and we will give your e-mail recovery job the priority that it deserves.

Database Recovery

BounceBack’s team of trained specialists offers database recovery on many different database server platforms.  In many instances, BounceBack will be able to address your database issues remotely, saving your company from prolonged downtime.  If it’s not possible to address the problem remotely, our technician may be able to deal with the problem on-site.

Operating System Recovery

BounceBack Data Recovery offers operating system data recovery in cases of physical drive failure or other common data loss scenarios. Our experts will develop an individualized approach to recover your lost operating system to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.  The chances of restoring an operating system can be slim without the right expertise.  Our technicians have years of experience working with assorted operating systems and you will always have the peace of mind that if we don’t recover it, you don’t pay.

Digital Photo Recovery

Digital photo recovery techniques will depend on the type of media on which they are stored.  Files on an SD Card or MP3 player can potentially be recovered in a matter of minutes.  Files on a hard drive or mechanical storage device may take longer.  Your digital photo recovery job will be handled with the highest level of customer service and professionalism.  Whether you’re in the photography business or have lost some treasured memories stored on your hard drive, BounceBack Data Recovery can help

We can recovery any file type including documents, music, photos, movies, pdfs and more.  Call us today or setup a case online.