E-Mail Recovery

Losing e-mails can be disastrous for a business, especially if all of a user’s e-mails were kept in a single archive.  Unfortunately, e-mail archives like Outlook PSTs can quickly become enormous when associated with a busy user.  Large files are much more likely to fail due to file corruption.  When a computer hard drive is in the first stages of physical failure, one of the most common symptom is a corrupted Outlook PST.  BounceBack offers data recovery services for any e-mail system.  Whether your e-mails are lost, deleted, or damaged our engineers will work to recover your important correspondences.

Protecting Your E-Mail Archives

The best way to avoid e-mail problems is through prevention.  Most IT managers recommend regular backups of a computer user’s e-mail files.  PSTs can also be split up into a few separate files to decrease the chances that corruption could prevent access to all of a user’s e-mails.  However, even when precautions have been taken to prevent e-mail data loss, PSTs and other e-mail files can become corrupted and unreadable.

Finding the Best PST Data Recovery Services

Many e-mail data recovery cases are extremely simple, as localized corruption can be quickly cleaned up by a competent data recovery expert.  However, it’s very important to follow the correct procedures and to take a unique approach to each case.  Data can easily be overwritten with the wrong data recovery techniques.

At BounceBack we guarantee the security of your sensitive e-mails and important files.  We understand the private nature of e-mail correspondences.  BounceBack has a Cisco Self-Defending Network and any clones made in the recovery process are destroyed upon completion of the job.

We are able to recover the following e-mail and address book files:

  • PST files
  • WAB files
  • PAB files
  • DBX files
  • EDB files
  • and many more…

At BounceBack Data Recovery we’ve worked with every type of e-mail archive and have perfected fast, safe techniques.  Each hard drive is copied before data recovery attempts take place and we design a plan for each recovery to maximize the chances of success.  We appreciate that your personal or company e-mails are important to you and we will give your e-mail recovery job the priority that it deserves.

For more information on our e-mail data recovery services, contact us or set up a case today.