Operating System Recovery

In some cases, data recovery of individual files isn’t enough.  Many businesses use computers and servers with specialized operating systems, and when these devices fail, the consequences are severe.

Recreating a damaged or lost operating system could take months of work and serious investment.  Unfortunately, most data recovery companies won’t attempt to recover a lost operating system as there are a great number of variables and the chances of restoring an OS can be slim without the right expertise.

Getting Back On Your Feet

BounceBack Data Recovery offers operating system data recovery in cases of physical drive failure or other common data loss scenarios. Our experts will develop an individualized approach to recover your lost operating system to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. An evaluation will let you know all of the costs before you decide whether or not to pursue data recovery services.

Data corruption and other problems can complicate the data recovery process, especially when an operating system is being recovered. By using safe recovery techniques and by developing a recovery plan for each case, we can promise an efficient recovery with a guarantee: if we can’t restore your lost operating system, there’s no charge.

BounceBack Data Recovery has the capabilities to recover lost or damaged files from any operating system, including:

Microsoft Windows Sun Unix
Mac OS X SCO Solaris
Linux DOS Netware


Contact us today for pricing or for more information about BounceBack’s operating system data recovery services.