Free Evaluation

Every customer receives a free evaluation once we receive your damaged media.  The free evaluation is performed within 24 hours of receipt of your package or within 3 hours of receipt of an emergency case.  After this free evaluation we will provide you with a firm price quote to recover your data.  You can either choose to agree to this quote and proceed or to have your media shipped back to you.  If you agree to the recovery, there will be no charge if we do not recover the critical data you specify when you set up your case.

All drives are opened and inspected in a Class 100 ISO 14644-1 cleanroom by highly trained and experienced technicians.  This gives you peace of mind that no further damage will come to your valuable data whether you choose to go ahead with data recovery or not.  By offering free evaluation to our customers, we are able to keep our promise that if we can’t recover your data, you don’t pay.  We are approved by all major computer and hard drive manufacturers to service your drives.  This means that we are able to open your devices without voiding the warranty.

Your media is shipped to BounceBack Data Recovery  and evaluated for free.  Now we will be able to give you an idea of the issues involved with your data, chances of successful recovery, and what the cost will be to you.  After agreeing to our firm and all-inclusive quote, we can move on to the third step:  Recovery of your data.