Referral Program

Our referral program is specially designed for organizations to refer their clients that have data recovery needs.  BounceBack Data Recovery guarantees that your clients will receive quality service and their data will be recovered in a secure environment by our highly-skilled engineers.  Contact us and learn about the extraordinary benefits that BounceBack offers to our Referral Program partners.

For more information call BounceBack at (314) 690-3009 and ask to speak to a Partner Program Specialist.

Here are some of our industry certifications:

ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Certification (Class 100 Clean Room)

This certification covers the classification of cleanliness as it pertains to cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Our experts only work on your drives in a safe certified ISO cleanroom environment to prevent any further damage to the sensitive components found within.  Strict adherence to ISO 14644-1 guidelines is also verified by an outside auditor.

Cisco Self-Defending Network

Our network must be able to respond to intrusions while maintaining availability and reliability.  If our network isn’t safe, your data isn’t safe.  That’s why we have implemented a Cisco Self-Defending Network that remains active at all times, and can even react to an intrusion with no human interaction.  Our network is constantly monitored, giving us plenty of time to focus on recovering your data.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

When customers trust a company to do a job properly, ISO Certification is the definitive basis for that trust.  ISO 9001:2008 standards are a quality management system designed to help organizations meet customer needs.  This means that BounceBack Data Recovery must adhere to strict guidelines and procedures from the beginning of the data recovery process to the end.  Adherence to these guidelines is verified by an outside auditor.  This ensures that none of our customers or our jobs slips through the cracks or receives substandard service.  We do it right every time, and if a non-compliance issue arises it is addressed and remedied immediately.