Xbox Data Recovery


Data recovery for the Xbox is different from other systems in that the Xbox stores data in a proprietary way.  The Xbox uses the FatX filesystem to begin with.  This is a proprietary filesystem developed by Microsoft, which as far as we know, is only used for the Xbox.  Also, there is no boot sector in the tradition sense.  The xbox looks for the FatX data volume at a pre-determined sector of the Xbox hard drive.  For all of these reasons, dealing with a corrupted filesystem can be especially challenging because the knowledge and tools out there is very limited.


fxp_bannerFortunately, one person has successfully reverse-engineered the functionality of the FatX metadata system.  This person developed a software tool to aid in exploring the FatX filesystem and extracting the data within.  This person is Eaton Zveare, and he sells his software tool at a very affordable rate.  His program is called FATXplorer.  The website for this tool is  We have worked with Eaton and found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful, and his tool to be indispensable if you want to recover data from an Xbox.  If you are able to remove the hard drive from the Xbox and mount it on a desktop windows system, we recommend using this software tool to do the job for you.

If you have a damaged hard drive, or otherwise need the help of our services, feel free to give us a call and ask about our special Xbox rates.  As always, we strive to be fair and honest and to help you do whatever you can on your own before turning to a recovery company for help.  We hope to gain the trust of our customers and to outperform our competition by being the “good guys” out there who do not price gouge, bait-and-switch, and whatever else so many less scrupulous recovery companies do.  We know that games may be important, but perhaps not important enough to justify the normal cost of a recovery job.

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