“I thought I had completely lost my computer and everything on it.  All that would load was the DOS screen. I was lucky and found Bounceback. They were reasonabe and extremely knowledgeble.  I was hoping to merely have my data recovered but instead they were able to restore my computer to 100%. Not to mention they were fast I had my computer back in 24 hours.  Thanks so much to Mike and Bounceback.”

-Debi Sparks

I have ten grandchildren. Other than the ones on my wall and in my photo album, all my pictures of them are on my computer.  One day it quit working. It would just make clicking noises.  I called BounceBack and within 48 hours I had my grandchildren’s pictures back.  They even set up my new hard drive for me and told me on the phone how to put it back in my computer.

-Barbara Dangbar

We were impressed with the professionalism exhibited by BounceBack Data Recovery.  They gave us a reasonable quote and recovered our data.  Quick turnaround and friendly service.

-Jessica Crandle, GE Healthcare

When I soaked my laptop, I looked up data recovery companies online.  There were way too many to choose from so I just randomly picked BounceBack.  I didn’t know what to expect but they made it easy for me to understand.  And they got my data back.  Excellent job.

-Randall Liu

We lost our main computer and backup files in on office fire.  As an attorney, my main concern when considering data recovery was the private nature of the lost files.  There were legal considerations and I was not prepared to give out my encryption key.  BounceBack was able to recover my files in their encrypted form and return them to me intact.  I will recommend them to all of my colleagues and friends.

-David Masters, Attorney at Law